The bands history

The Picture started their embryonic stages after a chance meeting of some old friends who had played together in various bands before the mortgage and kids came along, back in September 2009.

After a very spontaneous but productive jam session the seeds were sown. Singer songwriter/guitarist Steve Cutler dug out some of his iconic songs with drummer John O’Neill and  guitarist/vocalist Kev Marson joining the fold soon after.

New songs and shows soon followed and after some deep soul searching after the loss of Steve in a tragic accident it was decided that the show must go on.

So with the addition of guitarist Dave Tomlinson, bassist/vocalist Teresa Warren-Donley the band played on.

Then due to life changes and circumstances beyond our control, Kev and Teresa left the band, but now with the new addition of Mike Reay on Bass/backing vocals, Trevor Page on guitar and vocals the current line up has evolved.